Hey there, reader!

My name is Kyle Wakeling, and I’ve always been a fan of two things; the written word, and video games. I’ve attempted to put the two together many times in the past, but my first real success was with The Vita Lounge – a PlayStation Vita coverage site of which I’ve been an editor for almost four years now. Along the way I’ve had my hand in over two dozen magazines, over 120 podcasts, around 400 videos on the site’s YouTube channel an others, and over 2,700 posts on the site proper. It’s safe to say that I’m a large part of the site and its content, and along with The Vita Lounge founder Paul Murphy we certainly make up the backbone and structure of the site.

Continuing on with that train of action, Paul and I have recently taken up the mantle at Switch Player – a Nintendo Switch coverage venture that we’ve already dug in quite deep with. Despite only deciding on that route in December personally, I’ve already amassed quite a few posts, and as the venture’s Editor-in-Chief have even been a party to an issue of Switch Player magazine. I’m looking to get a Switch day one, and Paul and I are seeking to crush the launch lineup for the second issue of the magazine; we’re fully committed unlike a few missteps we’ve had in-between, and can’t wait to bring you even better coverage than we’ve offered at the number one PlayStation Vita fan-site in the world. We’re in it from launch on this one, and we’re bringing all our experience so far to the table. It’s an exciting time!

The thing is, all of this is somewhat of a part time venture for me. I have yet to truly make the jump to taking all this on full time – mostly due to the whole money thing – but am trying my best to get there. This is still somewhat of a learning experience for me, but I think that my dedication and the quality of my content thus far speak for themselves. I’m willing to take the time to do things right, I’m a quick learner, and I have passion for what I do. I want to help others get the information they need from an honest source, and I aim to get there properly however long it takes.

Are you with me?

Get in contact, follow me on Twitter, or keep visiting here and my other ventures to keep me motivated… unless you want to support me in a more tangible sense via Patreon.com or PayPal. Whatever your method of motivation however, I’m happy to receive it. I do this for you just as much as me – if not more. 🙂