The Upload #2: It’s Becoming a Weekly Thing

Hey faithful followers, and lovers of good content – it’s time for a more scheduled approach.

Seeing as how I can’t seem to keep up with the little things, I’ve decided to take them on in a group format and move away from single gameplay video posts. Instead, I’ll be doing a weekly roundup in the same basic format as a previous catch up post.

Look out for new video recaps every Friday, with more videos going up from here on in. If there’s a week without videos (which should be rare) I’ll simply be skipping this post, however I’ll try and offer something else in return.

Without further adieu however, here are the gameplay bits I need to catch you up on!

ARMS Global Testpunch – Introduction Tutorial & First Fight

ARMS Global Testpunch – Mixed Gameplay

ARMS Global Testpunch – Only the Good Fights #1

ARMS Global Testpunch – Only the Good Fights #2

ARMS Global Testpunch – Twintelle’s Best Fights

Vaccine – Nintendo Switch Gameplay Footage #1

NBA Playgrounds – Post-Patch Nintendo Switch Gameplay Footage #1

Are you caught up, or did you miss some of those? I’ll be sure to keep up on these updates from now on, so stay tuned. 😉