Blog #3: I’m Still Here, But It’s Been a Hell of a Month…

Don’t worry, this is still a thing.

Hey everyone, it’s-a-me; your friendly neighbourhood content creator. It’s been a hell of a month on my end, and I’m sorry that I haven’t had a chance to post here more. Between editor duties, tech support extras, review commitments, news writing, and a little video recording, I’ve been absolutely swamped lately – and I’ve had to hit pause on a lot of things in the process.

One thing that actually went a little further than pause however, is the Vitamag. As of right now, our very last issue is out and should be in the hands of those who supported us and ordered one. Our final re-print of that issue is locked in and ordered. For all intents and purposes, it’s gone full stop; bringing to a close a two year venture that we put a lot of work into. It will be missed, but it was no longer viable in any form and has been a money-suck for a while… one that we could no longer bring ourselves to try and keep afloat. More on what exactly happened can be found here, but the bottom line is that the Vitamag is done.

The Vita Lounge however, isn’t quite done yet.

As of right now, I’m trying to right the ship for as long as possible – and will continue on writing news and keeping up as best I can with what’s left of our team. Reviews for TVL will continue where I can get review codes (we seem to be getting a ton less cooperation there), and will be aided where possible by any Patreon support or donations that don’t go towards simple writing time. That said, we’re over the hump and things will only last as long as the backing from the community keeps up.

Switch Player however, is actually running quite well for being so new. We’re over twelve reviews up on the site already, and our first magazine was read 34,000+ times; getting half the views of the entire Vitamag run in just a single issue. As it looks, we’re going to have the backing to make Switch Player a hell of a member of the online and physical print Switch community, and I’d like to thank those of you who have read, shared, and supported so far!

Between all that, and trying my best to keep things going behind the scenes, I’ve obviously been quite busy. So I just wanted to say that I’m still here, but it’s been a hell of a month… so I hope you’ll excuse the lack of updates here as it was all going on.